Color Star Crunch Entrance Mats or Floor Mats  at best prices with

 2 types of Nylon Fibers Coarse and Regular fibers for excellent scraping action.


These entrance mats have extra coarse solution dyed nylon fibers in combination with traditional solution dyed fibers,

this creates excellent scraping action for maximum soil-stopping power.

These nylon floor mats solution dyed yarn is easy to clean.  Just scrub with soap and water lightly then rinse. 

You may even use bleach on heavy soiled areas to help remove stains from color star crunch floor mats.

Intricate tweed-color patterns help hide soil on these nylon floor mats.

High-twist and heat-set static dissipative nylon yarn make Color Star Crunch nylon floor mats

safe to use around sensitive electronic equipment.

Color Star Crunch entrance mats available in 3', 4' and 6' widths up to 40 feet in length, making your size

selection quick and easy.  Color Star Crunch floor mats have 27 ounces of fabric per square yard of floor mat.

Color Star Crunch nylon floor mats are UV Stable and will not fade out in sunlight.

These nylon floor mats are also available with oil and grease resistant 100% nitrile rubber backing when

applications call for additional protection.

Color Star Crunch floor mats are available in Flat, Gripper, and Suction SBR rubber backing types.


  280) Topaz Crunch 284) Sapphire Crunch 281) Quartz Crunch
  282) Onyx Crunch 283) Garnet Crunch

Standard Sizes

2'x3'   Entrance Mats           3'x4'   Entrance Mats        

3'x5'   Entrance Mats           3'x10' Entrance Mats        

4'x6'   Floor Mats                   4'x8'   Floor Mats              

4'x10' Floor Mats     

Click here for all prices, and to purchase all sizes and colors above.   


Custom Sizes

Special size nylon floor mats are available in 3', 4', and 6'  widths up to 40' in length in select colors. 

Special size floor mats are available in whole foot increments only.

Click here for  sizes cut to length.

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