WaterHog Classic Entrance Mats Pick from 2 patterns

Waterhog classic mats are great for entry mats, small rocks and dirt stay on mat to protect floors.

Water and snow stay on the door mat because of the water dam around the edges of this entrance mat.

  1. This floor mats unique ridged construction effectively removes and traps dirt and moisture. Great for inside entrance mats.

  2. Waterhog Classic entrance mats have exclusive rubber-reinforced face nubs that prevent pile from crushing extending product life.  These door mats cleans dirt and small rocks off shoes, to protect floors.

  3. Anti-static 100% premium polypropylene. Fabric dries quickly; won't fade or rot. Floor mats can easily be vacuumed or hosed out. Great door mats or floor mats.

  4. Waterhog classic entrance mats are available in Flat and Gripper backing types.

  5. Exclusive "water dam" allows the Waterhog™ Classic floor mats to hold up to 1-1/2 gallons of water per square yard; water and dirt stay in the mat. (Some styles available without dam for outside use, so water can drain easily.) Works great for entrance mats.

  6. Cleaning floor mats is easy! Simply use vacuum and extraction cleaning methods; or hose Waterhog Classic mats off with water and hang to dry.

  7. Certified slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute,  These floor mats have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

151)Medium Brown 156)Medium Blue 161)Navy 166)*Yellow
152)Dark Brown 157)Medium Grey 162)*White 167)*Orange
153)Light Green 158)Bluestone 163)*Aquamarine 168)*Purple
154)Charcoal 159)Evergreen 164)*Gold * These colors are available in
155)Red/Black 160)Bordeaux 165)*Solid Red 3' and 4' widths only.

Discounts for 5 floor mats, larger discounts for best prices 10 or more entrance mats.

18"x28" entrance mats,  2'x3' entrance mats,  3'x4' entrance mats, 3'x5' entrance mats, 3'x8' entrance mats, 3'x10' entrance mats,

3'x12' entrance mats, 3'x16' entrance mats, 3'x20' entrance mats, 4'x6' entrance mats, 4'x8' entrance mats, 4'x10' entrance mats, 4'x12' entrance mats

4'x16' entrance mats, 4'x20' entrance mats, 6'x8' entrance mats, 6'x12' entrance mats, 6'x16' entrance mats, 6'x20' entrance mats      

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