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1.  Waterhog Premier floor mats have ridged construction which effectively removes and traps dirt and moisture  below shoe level on these entrance mats.

2.  These entrance mats have exclusive rubber-reinforced face nubs that prevent pile from 

     crushing-maintaining high performance and extending the floor mats life.

3.  Waterhog Premier entrance mats contain a premium (36 ounces per square yard) tri-denier polypropylene fiber system that allows fabric to dry quickly while preventing fading and rotting. 50% heavier than WaterHog Classic floor mats.

4.  Waterhog Premier floor mats have a anti-static rating averaging 1.2KV with a maximum average voltage of 1.6KV as measured by the AATCC.

5. Waterhog Premier floor mats available in Flat or Gripper backing types.

6.  These door mats have a wide selection of 18 standard commercial sizes,  makes finding the right entrance mats for your needs quick and easy.

7.  The exclusive "Water Dam" borders hold up to 1- gallons of water per square yard so they work great for door mats. This is the heaviest weight floor mats that Andersen or WaterHog  makes.  Pile height is 3/8 ".

8.  Door mats are easy to clean: Just vacuum or hose off and hang to dry.  These floor mats are certified slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute.

Colors For Floor Mats

171) Indigo

172) Southern Pine

170) Black Smoke

173) Gray Ash 

175) Chestnut Brown   

174) Maroon

176) Khaki 

177) Regal Red

2'x3' door mats

3'x4' door mats

3'x5' door mats

3'x8.4' door mats

3'x10' door mats

 3'x12.2' door mats

3'x16' door mats

3'x20' door mats 

4'x6' door mats

4'x8.4' door mats

4'x10' door mats

4'x12.2' door mats

4'x16' door mats

4'x20' door mats


6'x6' door mats

6'x8.4' door mats

6'x12.2' door mats

6'x16' door mats

6'x20' door mats

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Cut length floor mats or mat runners are available to 61' long in 3 widths (3', 4', or 6') order here. 

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