WaterHog Diamond Cord Entrance Mats

Diamond Cord Floor Mats ridged construction effectively removes and traps dirt and moisture below shoe level at the best prices..

These entrance mats exclusive rubber-reinforced face nubs prevent pile from crushing, ensuring high performance and extended life.

Diamond Cord entrance mats fiber system utilizes a “fiber bundle” made up of monofilament polypropylene and 2750 denier BCF Olefin yarn that is

air entangled together. This unique construction produces exceptional wiping and scraping performance on these entrance mats.

These floor mats anti-static rating averaging -0.1KV with a maximum average voltage of 0.2KV as measured by the AATCC

Diamond Cord entrance mats are available in Flat and Gripper backing types.  Weight of fabric is 26 ounces per square yard.  Pile height is 1/4".

Diamond Cord entrance mats "water-dam" traps dirt and water so they stay on your floor mats and off your floors, minimizing slip hazards and floor damage.

Diamond Cord Floor mats are certified slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute.  Floor mats clean easily, vacuum or hose off, hang to dry.

These entry mats have a wide selection of 18 standard commercial sizes that makes finding the right floor mats for your needs quick and easy.

183) Brown Cord Floor Mats, 181) Green Cord Floor Mats, 182) Grey Cord Floor Mats, 180) Black Cord/Charcoal Floor Mats

 2'x3',   3'x4',    3'x5',   3'x8.4',   3'x10",   3'x12.2',   3'x16',   3'x20' 

4'x6',   4'x8.4',   4'x10',   4'x12.2',   4'x16',   4'x20'

6'x8',    6'x12.2',   6'x16',   6'x20',   6'x6' 

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